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Confederate Flag Commission

Posted on 31st July 2017

Hi folks, Here's my latest commission of a 1858 Remington New Model Revolver from the American Civil War. Come check out my progress! :)

Confederate Flag Commission and my Jaffa cake obsession

I’ve been commissioned to create a confederate themed paper cut for a client on the Isle of Wight.   He just handed me a photograph of his 1858 Remington New Model Revolver and asked me to do a paper cut of it, which I gladly accepted.  It’s a photo of his American civil war era revolver which I find very cool and after careful thought, I knew it needed a little “je ne sais quoi”.

Because it’s a civil war antique, I thought perhaps it would look kinda cool in front of a confederate flag?   So I asked my good friend Ivan if he could do some photoshop magic and superimpose a flag behind the gun.  It looked excellent, Thanks Ivan!

It took me a while to figure out the colours I wanted to use.  I do a lot of greyscale / colourscale pieces but this was going to be colourful and I wasn’t sure where I was going to start!   So I put the kettle on and opened the Jaffas!

Now I’ve got about 515 sheets of paper all looking up at me eagerly awaiting for me to do something with them and I haven’t got the foggiest! Ha!


Here is my very first layer drawn out and ready to cut; here goes!

Here is the 2nd deep red layer glued down. (BIG sign of relief)  I think it looks good so far!  This was real tricky lining it all up on top of the blue because it’s covered in wet glue and I only have one shot at it; No pressure!

Now I am drawing out the 3rd layer, a brighter shade of red.

Here is the third layer glued down.  Very pleased with how its looking so far.

4th layer

Now I’m on to the fourth layer and will update soon! 🙂

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